What's for dinner?

Posted by The Andersons Sunday, February 14, 2010

I was talking to someone recently who asked, what do you fix for dinner? She pointed out she didn't see a lot of main course or side course foods in my pictures or lists always.

See, that's the thing about being stocked up so much. I have lots to choose from already! A lot of what we buy is to restock in certain areas of our little Anderson store, erm pantry or snacks for around the house, parties or lunches. You also have to remember that we spread the groceries between our house, Jeanna's parent's house and Jeanna's grandmother's house.

We will try to keep you updated with dinners in our house just to show you that yes, we eat real food, no, it isn't a diet of chips and coke, and that we eat well, too! Our house feeds a minimum of five people every night (Jeanna, Bobby, Aidan, Nanna and PawPaw). On weekends, it is nothing to randomly invite people over for dinner at the last minute simply because we can and we enjoy the company.

So, what did we have for dinner last night? We had ribs (under $5 for the pack), baked beans and texas toast. The ribs were enough for each adult to have two and still have leftovers for tonight! Aidan doesn't like BBQ (we have to change this if he plans on staying in the South!) and asked for something simple. He wasn't feeling up to par and just wanted one Toaster Strudel.

Tonight we plan on eating the leftover ribs, leftover beans and adding another side to the mix. I'll make Aidan something else, of course (see anti-BBQ above).

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