What's for dinner?

Posted by The Andersons Friday, February 26, 2010

I think my husband may propose to me again if I keep cooking like I have been! We had leg quarters (5 for $2.80) out yesterday to thaw and that moment came. That moment of what shall we do with these?

Don't freak out when you see the ingredients. Bobby is NOT a fan of mayonnaise and LOVED these. My Dad is not a fan of chicken and LOVED these. the mixture keeps the breading on as well as sealing in the juices. This was the most tender, juiciest chicken we've had in some time.

Beyond Finger Licking Good Chicken (also known as I don't know what you did, but this is the best chicken you've ever cooked Chicken)

Leg Quarters (any chicken will do)
Ranch Dressing
Bread Crumbs (I mixed original with Italian)

Preheat to 400
First, wash your chicken and pat it dry. Put some flour on a plate and your breadcrumbs on a seperate plate. In a bowl, mix 1 cup mayo, splash of milk and a few squirts of Ranch dressing. I made my mix a bit thick, which is what you want. This will stick better to the chicken.

Dip your chicken in the flour mixture first. Once I had both sides coated, I used a BBQ brush to add my mayo mix to one side of the chicken. Now place the may coated side on the breadcrumbs plate. I then coated the bottom of the chicken with the mayo mix, then flipped it to cover it with breadcrumbs. Coat them well!

Put your chicken in your baking dish. (I covered a cookie sheet with foil for less cleanup!) If you see spots that need more breading, sprinkle some! Repeat this process for all of your chicken pieces. I let ours cook for about an hour. These are so pretty and tasty!

I served this with broccoli rice au gratin and we were stuffed, with leftovers to boot!

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