Food World: Chicken, Rainchecks & Coupons!

Posted by Centsable Andersons Friday, April 30, 2010
I knew better, but for whatever reason I waited to go back last night to buy the $.39/lb chicken leg quarters. And of course, they were out! I spoke to several people who show different Food World stores and they had the same problem. IF you go to Food World and your store is out, BE SURE TO ASK FOR A RAINCHECK! What?! A rainchek? Oh yes! I got a raincheck on the leg quarters and the strawberries without having to make the $15 obligatory purchase at that moment. Plus, the manager I spoke with said the rainchecks are good for two weeks. Be sure to get yours!

Also, while shopping, be on the lookout for the following coupons I found at Food World:

$1/1 package of frozen Tyson Individually Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (this coupon has a picture of the Tyson Chicken PLUS a picture of a Miller Lite Bottle because it is "compliments of Miller Lite" exp 7/31/10
$1 off Eggs or Produce when you purchase Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon exp 7/31/10
$2 Mail in Rebate when you buy any one KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce and Kingsford Charcoal (we'll definitely use this one between Summer and the AWESOME charcoal/meat coupons we have) exp 6/30/10
Buy any one Claussen Sweet Pickle Relish and save $.55 on any one Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs package exp 11/30/10
Save $1 instantly on the purchase of a deli tray (hangtag on bottle of wine) exp 4/30/10 (USE TODAY!!)
Save $2 instantly on purchase of Coca-Cola 12 pck, 8 pck, or ANY other coca-cola product and 1 Nabisco Crackers (6oz-16oz) exp 5/14/10
Save $1 on combined purchase of 1 twinpack bottles or 2 2-Liters bottles or 1 multi-pack bottles of Coca-Cola AND $4 or more purchase from the deli, frozen, meat or produce department This coupon is a Coke coupon with Spanish on it, too. exp 9/30/10
Save $.55 when you buy any 2 boxes (5.5oz) or cups (2oz) of KRAFT Cheesy Explosion, Any Variety exp 8/31/10

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