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Posted by Centsable Andersons Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CVS has its own rewards program called Extra Care Bucks or ECBs. To get started, get a CVS ECB card at the checkout counter from your local CVS. If you can stand the wait, sign up here for yours and wait for your card via mail. The limit is 2 cards per household. Please adhere to this! Either way you sign up, make sure to sign up here online to link your card to your email address. This will get you lots of valuable coupons and promotional emails.

So what are ECBs? They are basically a rewards coupon to be used like cash at CVS. When you purchase certain advertised items at CVS, ECBs will print at the bottom of your receipt. They do expire, so make sure to use them before the expiration date. Also, do not lose these!

Like most stores, you can get the CVS advertisement in the Sunday newspaper, in the CVS store or view it online by finding your store here. Before you shop CVS, checkout the matchups. By matchups, I mean look at a site (like ours) that gives you the ad for CVS with a list of coupons that matchup to what is on sale. Also, pay special attention to “free after ECBs”. These are GREAT items to stock up on. We all need razors, why not get them free? A free after ECB example would be paying $3 for a shampoo and getting $3 ECBs back. It’s like getting it for free. What do you with an ECB? Spend it! A lot of shoppers use it to buy other items with ECB sales. This is considered rolling your ECBs. If you choose, you may purchase most anything with your ECBs (except for alcohol, tobacco, lottery, gift cards, money orders, postage stamps, pre-paid cards, prescriptions, and special order Home Health Care items, including footwear). What if you don’t want or need the free after ECB items? Donate! Churches always welcome donations. This is a great way to save and help your community. How do I earn extra ECBs? Well, you earn 1 ECB for every 2 prescriptions you have filled there. Plus, they have a green bag tag. They cost $.99 and you should have the cashier scan it every visit you purchase an item (once per day). On your 4th visit, you will earn one free ECB. Also, there is an ECB kiosk near the front of every store. SCAN YOUR CARD EVERY TIME YOU GO IN! You can scan up to two times a day. I’ve gotten coupons from that (made some items FREE!) as well as $10 off a $40 purchase, $ off a $10 purchase and more! Join the CVS Advisor Panel by signing up here online. Have your card handy when you fill out that application because it requires your CVS card number.

Once you have a list of what you are getting, let’s go shopping. When you walk in, grab and ad to ensure you buy the correct items on your list. Then, scan your card to potentially score more coupons. If you see that they are out of an item, get a raincheck! The rainchecks do not have a time limit date on them. Have the cashier scan your ECB card first. Hand over a $4/$20 purchase CVS coupon first if you have one (these are everywhere online!). Instant savings! Make sure to stack your coupons (use a manufacturer and a CVS coupon), for more savings if possible. If they are running a BOGO sale, use a coupon on each item for more savings. They only take manufacturer and CVS coupons, though!

When checking out, present your coupons in this order to maximize your savings!
1. Have Cashier Scan your card and then make purchases
2. CVS $/purchase coupon i.e. $5/$25
3. CVS store and manufacturer coupons
4. ECBs you have earned

Please note that you will not get change back on an ECB. If your purchase is 4.50 and you use $5 ECB, you’ve lost the 50 cents. Check for filler items (cheap pencils, candy, cups, etc.) to avoid losing any!

If you have any problems with your experiences at CVS or have questions, call their corporate number at 1-888-607-4287.

CVS Coupon Policy
CVS is a little trickier because they do not have a formally written policy online to go by. One thing to note is that CVS leaves the final word up to the local store manager to make a decision regarding the acceptance of a coupon. After many couponers have emailed them, the basic response is the following:

Up to one CVS coupon and one MFR coupon can be used on any one item.
However, this will not work in a one-item transaction, because the
register "item counter" logic will not allow more coupons than items.
Additionally, this one-to-one relationship of coupons to items exists in
all transactions. (Ex.: If you use 7 coupons total on 4 items, you
must have 7 total items the transaction for the logic to permit

Also, we take internet coupons with barcode at the discretion of the
store manager.

Furthermore, coupons are accepted on clearance merchandise (up to the
value of the product) as well as $1 off coupons on 99cent items, etc.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our coupon
policies, please speak to your local store's manager.

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