Basic Terminology

Posted by The Andersons Sunday, February 28, 2010
We get a lot of questions as to what the abbreviations mean in couponing. Here are the basic terms you will see.

SS- SmartSource insert found in your Sunday newspaper
RP- Red Plum insert found in your Sunday newspaper
PG- Procter Gamble insert found in your Sunday newspaper
GM-General Mills insert found in your Sunday newspaper
Q- means a coupon
MQ- Manufacturer coupon (often found in weekly newspapers or mail outs
IP- Internet Printable i.e. a coupon printed from the internet
Blinkies- When shopping, you will see red or black machines on shelves that blink with coupons in them.
Tearpads-Usually found on shelves and on displays, a coupon you literally tear off to take. When you are @ gas stations, check their displays and cooler doors, too!
Books-Usually found on displays or counters, these have coupons in them, too
Peelies-Found on a product and can be peeled off (please don’t steal these off a product you are not purchasing right then)
Catalina-Is actually the name of the machine that prints these. You will notice at Walgreens and Winn Dixie, that when you make a purchase, you will often receive coupons the “register” aka the Catalina machine prints out.
Rain Check-When a store runs a sale, you sometimes run into the problem of the item being sold out. A rain check can be given out by a store that will allow you to purchase that item within a certain time frame while honoring the sales price.

MIR-Mail in rebates
WYB- When You Buy
Double Coupons or Doubling-Certain stores will double the amount of a coupon. Some stores like Fred’s only do this on certain days (Saturday). Many will have a limit on the value (usually only coupons for 50 cents or lower) or how many you may use.
Stacking- Using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on one item
B1G1 or BOGO- Buy one item get one item free
$/$$- Make a $20 purchase and get $5 off your total purchase
PG, 10/18- Smartsource, October 18th insert
Exp- The expiration date of your coupon
RR- Register Rewards (given out at Walgreens)
ECB- Extra Care Bucks (given out at CVS)
SCR- Single Check Rebate (given out by RiteAid)

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