What's for dinner?

Posted by The Andersons Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry for the brief break! As most of you know, it was Mardi Gras Tuesday and our family went downtown for the day. Thanks to a fantstic stockpile, we had plenty of ribs, drumsticks, wings, hot dogs and hamburgers (from my cousin's stockpile!). We were also able to pack plenty of drinks and snacks from what we have on hand. We spent very litte which is always our sensible goal!

Tonight for dinner, we are having Pork Steaks grilled by Bobby! We bought the pack for under $5 and it normally has about 9-12 steaks in it. Plenty for two nights and maybe a lunch or two, too! Sides will include a salad ($2), Uncle Ben's rice (under 75 cents generally). You can feed your family for LESS!!

We've already begun our list for Publix this week, as well as our lists for CVS, Walgreens and the Farmer's Market. For fruits and vegetables, we often go to Saraland Produce or Jimmy Lowe's. Saraland is closer to us therefore we visit it more often.

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