Dear old Dad!

Posted by The Andersons Thursday, June 14, 2012

A little birdie let me know a pretty special day is coming up this weekend! It's that time of year again, when celebrate our Dads and our amazing husbands for being such great dads. It's tough every year trying to figure out what to get my husband because a.) he has everything- no really! or b.) if he doesn't have it, he just buys it for himself ergo we are back to a.) he has everything.

Aidan and I try to do something special for him every year and this year is no difference. I can't spill the beans on what Aidan, Vivienne and I are getting the Bobby yet but here are some ideas for your dad!

A free magazine subscription: Rewards Gold is offering a subscription to AFAR, MAXIM, FORBES, NEWSWEEK, BARRON'S, or Cigar AFFICIANDO

Mercury Magazines is giving away Popular Science

Free Biz Mag is offering 4 Wheel & Off Road to those who qualify

How about sending Dad a online card from Denny's and then you will both get a coupon for free pancake puppies sundae.

My hubby's favorite is always the free yogurt from TCBY just for him!

We tend to go a more traditional route of homemade gifts and treats! Share your ideas on our facebook page for your dad!

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